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The Story of Redemption
by E.G. White

Easy English Edition

The thrilling story of how God plans to save you. The book tells how sin began in heaven and spread to earth. This interesting story tells what sin has done to people and how Jesus will save people from sin and eternal death.

Chapter 1 The Fall of Lucifer [Satan]


Before his rebellion, Lucifer [who became Satan] was the highest angel in heaven. God's Son had the first position. Lucifer was next in position ...

Sample Chapters:

Chapter 2 The Creation

Chapter 3 The Results of Rebellion

Chapter 4 The Temptation in Eden

Chapter 5 The Plan of Salvation

Chapter 6 Cain and Abel and Their Offerings

Chapter 7 Seth and Enoch

Chapter 8 The Flood

Chapter 9 The Tower of Babel

Chapter 10 Abraham and the Promised Seed

Chapter 11 The Marriage of Isaac

Chapter 12 Jacob and Esau

And More!

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