Ten Days of Prayer

Dear leaders,

The new year is right around the corner! Are you ready to turn a page to 2018? :) Happy New Year to you all.

Event: Some of you may already know that I've worked on 2018 Ten Days of Prayer event. It is an event for churches, friends or some family members to be joined together as a group to pray for ONE HOUR daily for 10 days.

SDA churches around the world has been doing this every year. So why don't we, Deaf SDA community, join for 2018?

Ten Days of Prayer's theme is "Our High Priest." There are each day's theme sheets prepared for each of 10 days. They can be downloaded from www.tendaysofprayer.org.

  • • DAY 1 The Anointing Oil
  • • DAY 2 Holiness Unto the Lord
  • • DAY 3 Bare Feet
  • • DAY 4 The Robe
  • • DAY 5 The Ephod
  • • DAY 6 The Girdle
  • • DAY 7 The Breastplate
  • • DAY 8 Urim and Thummim
  • • DAY 9 The Censer
  • • DAY 10 The Bells and Pomegranates

When: January 10-20th, 2018. Prayer time is suggested at 7pm to 8pm at your time zone. If you prefer a different time, that is fine.

Invite: I am asking you, the leaders, to invite a deaf group from your church or non members, such as friends or a family member from your local who may be interest, to join and pray together as a group. You may invite some persons from other states if s/he doesn't have anyone to join with.

Meet Up: We know that meeting in person is always best but it is not always possible. So, we are blessed with technology that we have videophone, Purple, Skype, or whichever is the most convenient for your group that can meet up. I encourage you to limit 5-10 participants per group if possible. So each participant has an opportunity to pray or may have something to say. Remember prayer time is ONE HOUR.

Final Sabbath: Final Sabbath is on January 20th. David Trexler will give a sermon on livestream about "Our High Priest." Let us all join together watching at his Sabbath service time.

Note: Remember that we are joining thousands of other people around the world doing the Ten Days of Prayer.

I've laid out an announcement, schedule, guideline, etc for you all to use and easy to follow. You see below, the announcement "flyer", you can use it to share and invite people. Please find attached "Leader Guidelines" for your review prior to the event. Each Day's theme sheets can be found at www.tendaysofprayer.org that you can download them and read and pray with the group daily.

If you have questions, you may contact me:
Text: 585-576-5200
Email: greenshel@gmail.com
Glide: Sheelah Jordan Kimbrough
VP: 585-444-1116 (Please do leave a message if I do not answer)

Let's do the 10-Day Prayer Challenge!!