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Watch live broadcast during the Sabbath worship service from the Deaf Evangelistic Adventist Fellowship at 11:30 am Eastern Time. Listen to God's message given in American Sign Language.

Interesting to learn about Jesus? Come join Deaf Bible School for amazing online lessons! Its FREE!

Look through our DVDs, books, and more! If you are looking for evangelistic tools to share with Deaf people, you are at the right place.

Reaching the Deaf through Three Angels Deaf Ministries

The video clip is about the Christian Horror Tale signed by James Womack. To find out what's it all about the horror tale, click and watch the video.

Sharing the Three Angels' Messages with the Deaf. This mission includes evangelism among Deaf people and training them to become true disciples of Christ so that they can be equipped to do their part in spreading the Everlasting Gospel.

Provide video sermon library to the deaf community to watch and listen to Pastor Trexler's sermons ... Sabbath sermons, camp meeting sermons, evangelistic sermons

Prophecies of Hope evangelistic series will come to Fresno Central SDA Church in Fresno, California from November 1 through 26. The meeting will be held on every Friday, Sabbath, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 7:00 pm PST. It will be live streamed.

Supporting Three Angels Deaf Ministries

Prayer Request is now available for member only. You may send a prayer request to 3ADM. 3ADM will pray for you.