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Are you praying for a Deaf friend or relative to know and accept Christ? Send that friend The Deaf Messenger.

The Deaf Messenger is a quarterly outreach magazine that brings readers to learn more about Jesus. Each issue will have a special focus, different each magazine. The content is written specifically to be a special blessing for Deaf people, including those who are just learning about Jesus. The articles are written in such a way that is easy to understand and many articles are written by deaf individuals.

In the moral darkness of our times, The Deaf Messenger points the way to the light of God's truth. This outreach journal brings a Biblical perspective to problems deaf people face today. Each issue contains articles on:

  • What the Bible says about a topic
  • Articles to encourage a relationship with Jesus
  • Health
  • Family living
  • Stories for children or young at heart

There's also an opportunity for readers to request Bible studies.

"The reason we send out The Deaf Messenger," Bunny Hovey, editor states, "is that many deaf people are isolated and do not attend church." She also shares, "One man mentioned that he really loves [The Deaf Messenger] and leaves them in his car. That way when he is waiting in the car, he reads it. The sign he used for love was "kissing the top of his hand" (the sign for "love it!!") He also said that he was always looking forward to the next issue. One lady said that she takes the magazine to her church for Bible study class for the Deaf and they use it for discussion. Said that they really learned a lot from it."

With the help of donations, The Deaf Messenger is sent to Deaf People at no charge.

TDM cover page

Make a difference in someone's life. Share the light by requesting The Deaf Messenger sent to a Deaf relative or friend today.