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"I really love Three Angels Deaf Ministries who help me. I feel sometimes my spiritual life going down but everytime I get newsletters, magazines, and others, makes me feeling close to God over and over again. If it isn't for 3ADM's (Three Angels Deaf Ministries) helping to encourage me, maybe I would go down, be weak to temptation to not study the Bible."

"3ADM has given me comfort and encouragement knowing that I am not alone as a deaf Sabbath-keeping believer. I live in an area where there is no Sabbath-keeping deaf church or ministry. Also most of the deaf activities happen on Sabbath. Therefore, I am lacking in deaf fellowship."

"3ADM encourages me to do mission work among my friends. Because of ADM, I have materials that I can share with my Deaf friends."

"3ADM is my best friend. I always enjoy reading [3ADM materials] because I am the only S.D.A. deaf in my area."

"3ADM influenced my spiritual life greatly. Plus, I have been deeply enjoying DVDs and printed material that 3ADM has available."

"Thanks to you, my brother is now attending church each Sabbath. Thanks for reaching out to him. Since the death of his wife, [he has joined the Adventist church] because of your correspondence."

"Wonder if you can tell me how I can get some DVDs about God. I already watched about Signs of God's Love, Amazing Bible Truths, and Revelation of Jesus Christ. Wow, very, very awesome and wonderful! I love God more than anything. God's number one!!"

"I love The Deaf Messenger story and read Bible book. Real wonderful Signs of God's Love on DVD and feel spirit my body. Wow, beautiful snow mountain in Colorado. God wonderful made everything. Thank God."

Deaf Bible School

"I want to thank you all. I really enjoy BibleSchool. I feel so proud that I done with all lesson. I do learn something. I want to thank you so much."

"You send me letter about God's Way Lesson, that Wonderful things ever I seem it. I really enjoy with it."

"I have been so enlightened from this course."

"Hi, I recently start to learn more about SDA. I learned a lot from God's Way study guide and I am looking forward to learn more. Also my husband is interested in SDA and he been reading the Bible every night. We have Bible study on Monday night with David Trexler."

"Have enjoyed doing the Bible lessons and have learned a lot from them."

"I attend to a few different church in my life but never understand because no interpreter in the past, I went to a few church myself with interpreter, I don't feel right about church and different religions but I believe God is there. I never been baptized because not sure which religious is right but I like SDA because I understand clearly on easy vocabulary like you send me. It's make me more excited and understand. I learned about Jesus everyday thru SDA. There is one SDA church in _________, GA but no interpreter. Disappoint me."

"Thank you for sharing this Bible study course with me. Sunday as the Sabbath so permeates Christian churches that I knew nothing about Saturday being the True Sabbath. Will be working on changing my thinking about the Sabbath but I'm not ready to convert. This course has given me a lot to think about. Thank you again."

"These lessons have reminded me of things I'd forgotten and taught me new things I didn't know. I feel refreshed and ready for a better tomorrow. These lessons have been a blessing. MANY THANKS!"

"I would like to thank you send me DVD God's Love, the New Testament, Picture Bible, and everything else! Yes, I've enjoy read this about God's Way lessons! I ask to God, please help me to try understand to read the Bible book...I try study to be more understand! I think it's so fun! Yes, it is good for me to learn something!"

"I will miss Deaf Bible School when I finish the course."

The Deaf Messenger

"I've only got a book from you yesterday. The first one and I've enjoyed it very much and I'm enclosing $5.00 to help a little and may God bless you all. I'm glad I'm saved and know who Jesus is. He means everything to me."

"I love to read the book help us lots. Thank you send me. Sure, I would like to read it often make me feel better."

"I am Deaf. I enjoyed read The Deaf Messenger, God's Way and Amazing Facts. Make me thirsty very interesting read God's word in my heart. I love it very much. It is really clear understand."

"When I was a little girl, we would go visit my grandparents. On their living room wall was a picture of a man wearing robes. He was surrounded by lions and a light shined down on him. Every time we went to see my grandparents, I would look at this picture. I wondered who that man was and why there were lions around him. I had never heard the story; no one ever told me. Then I received The Deaf Messengerthis week. Now, I know the story and who this man was. His name is Daniel!"

Sermon on DVD

"THANK you for the demo of George's sermons. It was like a fresh spring rain. Too wonderful to describe. Please, please, please make more!!!"

"We were really excited to receive the ASL sermons on DVD via mail. We find the DVD program to be a great blessing!"

"Yesterday I received a DVD, The Day After (part 1) by Jeff Jordan and this morning (Sabbath) I watched it. The DVD is very wonderful and neat and I like it very much because it has a sermon and PowerPoint. I enjoy watching it!

Deaf Reach

"I enjoyed so much Deaf Reach. I really learned so much in witnessing to Deaf people. The presentations by the pastors were very pleasant and surprisingly easy to understand. We broke up into several smaller groups to pray and share with each other, which was very uplifting."

"In June 2005, I went to Deaf Reach in Arkansas. I wanted to meet new Deaf people and learn more about Seventh-day Adventists principles, to understand the Bible better. There I met some wonderful people. That one week, the Lord changed my heart and I developed a closer relationship. At Deaf Reach, I learned how to give a testimony and through role play learned how to witness to Deaf people who need the Lord. And I learned I needed to develop more spiritual fruit in everyday life."

"We learned that sharing our faith is NOT scary. We just tell about our own experiences with Jesus. It is exciting to tell others how much God has done fo rus. The guidelines we learned during the weekend are easy and life changing."

"I must admit that the whole weekend was the most amazing experience...We are going to roll up our sleeves and share the Gospel using our various spiritual gifts in the Deaf community."

"We are forever indebted to the organizations that provided this much needed workshop. We acquired precious knowledge that will empower us to bring others to Christ."

"We learned a lot on how to prepare for Bible study. It'll benefit on our confidence."

"The lay training seminar was valuable. Pastor David and Paul gave us an easy-to-understand approach. We all understand our weakness, the fear of coming up to people--old and new friends, strangers and relatives about the Gospel of Jesus, our true Messiah. The pastors and their wives helped us to think new thoughts and ways. The whole presentation was very positive and educational."

Deaf Expo

"I went to Deaf Expo in Rochester, NY and I saw a booth of Deaf Bible School and they gave me two DVDs and I watched it. So, I already ordered the video tapes of Revelation of Jesus Christ by David Trexler. Oh, wow! I'm really enjoying to watch all and it so wonderful! I would love to join to Adventist Deaf church, but we don't have here."

"When [I went] to expo in Gaithersburg, MD, I had a copy sample [The Deaf Messenger] from you...Yes, I want to learn more about God, things."

"Wow! I am thrilled to hear that you know and keep Sabbath just as my husband and I do along with our roommate. I love your "God's Day of Rest" brochure. I would love to have as many of that so I can pass it out to everybody. Praise the Lord that there are more people out there who keep the Sabbath. I will want to meet them and you!"